Web Design Glossary

This is a list of some key terms used in the blog:

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Ad Design Concepts - Originally named Ad Media Concepts, Ad Design Concepts was a design company started by Ross Sabes and existed from 1999-2006.
Adobe - Makers of software applications used in graphic and web site design such as Photoshop, DreamWeaver and Flash.
AJAX - Programming technique that uses javascript to develop more responsive and rich web site experiences. *see wikipedia.
APIs - An API is an Application Programming Interface. These are ways for developers to 'tap into', customize and integrate applications and resources such as facebook, e-bay, PayPal and Google. We are dedicated to keeping up with what APIs are available and how they can be leveraged to benefit our clients web site functionality and marketing objectives. * on wikipedia.
Apple - Think different.
authorize.net - Merchant service provider that enables you to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check payments.
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captcha - An often cumbersome method of forcing a user to enter random, obfuscated numbers and characters in addition to login credentials to make brute force attacks more difficult.
cloud computing - The paradigm that applications will live on servers versus your local client machine. more info...
cms - Stands for content management system. Examples include CKEditor, Drupal, Joomla, TinyMCE and other components.
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database - A database is a way to store information in an organized way. more info...
drupal - Open source content management system and community building platform. More info at drupal.org.
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e-commerce - Accepting payment online for goods and services.
estero - Growing community in Southwest Florida located just north of Bonita Springs. Home of the Miromar Outlet Stores and Germain Arena.
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facebook - popular social networking application used by individuals to share information and have fun.
Flash - Technology introduced by Macromedia to stream animations using the Flash player plug-in. Was later purchased by Adobe. Is now a powerful tool in a web developers arsenal for multimedia effects and applications. * wikipedia reference.
flickr - Social photo sharing site now owned by Yahoo! flickr.com
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Google Checkout - A way to pay for goods and services online using your Google account.
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JQuery - JavaScript framework for developers to add functionality and create effects using javascript.
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kathy spalding - Kathy Spalding is one of the most notable international sculptors of true life bronzes in the country.
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Linux - Preferred web server operating system due to it's stability, extensibility and native network functionality. official site at linux.org, more info at nixCraft.
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MySQL - Powerful open source database software. Popular on the web because it is free and very robust. MySQL is now owned by Oracle.
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reCaptcha - The reCaptcha project was a popular system for generating a captcha on websites. It was aquired by Google in 2009.
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Safari - Web browser developed by Apple.
security - Web security is an increasing concern.
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Web 2.0 - Jargon used to describe websites utilizing 'second generation' technology such as javascript effects. Term came into vogue circa 2005. Most associated with AJAX or asynchronous loading of data into web pages. 2005 - don't believe the hype.
Web 3.0 - One better than Web 2.0. Jargon used to describe the next generation of web technology primarily focused on mobile apps.
Wordpress - Popular and powerful open-source blogging and content management platform.
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