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November 29, 2016

Google Analytics is an important tool in our design arsenal. It directs us in making improvements to websites. When used properly analytics can tell us where users are going, what they are looking for and what they may be missing.

If you have Google Analytics installed in your website we will need access.

1. Log into your Google Analytics Account

2. Select ADMIN at the top.

3. Select User Management at the account or property level.

4. Enter the google account Email, assign permissions, check the Notify this user by email box and click Add





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November 27, 2015

Musicbox plugin allows you to create multiple playlist widgets in WordPress.

Playlist with song details including:

  • Song Name
  • Artist
  • 30 second preview from iTunes
  • Album or collection
  • Artwork
  • Link to iTunes
  • Create multiple playlist widgets in WordPress

You may also use a shortcode “musicbox” to display the musicbox inside a post with the following parameters:

  • musicbox_id * required value: the id of the musicbox to display
  • description optional value: whether to display description or not. “1” or “0”, default is “0”.
  • autoplay optional value: whether to autoplay list or not. “1” or “0”, default is “0”.
  • tracks_perpage optional value: how many tracks to show before paginating. Numeric value. Default is “10”.

[musicbox musicbox_id="1" description="1" autoplay="1" tracks_perpage="2"]

This plugin uses soundmanager2 and its’ 360 player UI.

Visit the plugin at WordPress.org for more information and to download.

Please use the Musicbox Plugin Page on wordpress.org for support requests or contact me directly for customization requests.



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January 28, 2015

Be careful of where you download themes and plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other popular CMS. Often times they may be insecure, out of date, poorly programmed or even contain malicious backdoor scripts as mentioned in the article below .

It’s best to work with a professional who understands security and keeps up to date with the latest information in the constantly evolving field of website and IT security.

Contact us for a free, no hassle evaluation of your website that includes a basic security analysis.

Unlike most website backdoors, CryptoPHP is not installed by exploiting vulnerabilities. Instead attackers distribute pirated versions of commercial plug-ins and themes for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal through several sites and wait for webmasters to download and install them on their own websites. Those pirated plug-ins and themes have the CryptoPHP backdoor embedded into them.

Read More at PC World »



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