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November 29, 2010

When Dr. Becker asked me to have a look at his website for Minneapolis Orthopaedics, I was more than happy to provide detailed suggestions on how the existing website could be improved. My suggestions included content recommendations as well as design and functionality requirements such as iPad and iPhone compatibility. The result is a website that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Dr. Becker provided the following recommendation on LinkedIN:

Ross performed a complete makeover of our site; www.mplsortho.com. The original site was a little bland and dated and used older coding. Ross, at www.websitedesignby.com not only updated it, he transformed it into a modern, interactive, aesthetically appealing, and informative site. He worked days, nights and weekends and kept incorporating any changes I wanted. He had fresh ideas that we implemented and he used the latest coding techniques known. He was even able to make our online video compatible with IPhone and IPad and streamed different resolutions of the video based on available bandwidth on the user end. He researched several topics and found additional sites that he linked and embedded seamlessly. He was always available and responded within 24 hours to every Email I sent. He works very fast and is incredibly detailed oriented. I am thoroughly pleased with the worked Ross did on our site and will be telling friends and other companies about his abilities. His pricing is very reasonable and he stays on budget. Our web site turned out better than I had even hoped for and in the few short days since its launch, I have gotten uniformly positive feedback….and new business.

Dr. Douglas Becker
Minneapolis Orthopaedics

View the complete website at mplsortho.com.

November 19, 2010

When K is for Kids® Foundation approached us to assist with a redesign of their existing web site, we were more than happy to reorganize their content and develop a custom WordPress template that would allow them to continue to grow.

The template redesign was only the first part of an ongoing relationship that websitedesignby.com continues to provide support and maintenance as K is for Kids® Foundation continues to evolve and grow in its mission of helping promote reading for children everywhere.

Here is a letter from founder Karen Clawson:

Dear Ross,

Thank you for joining our Foundation’s “reservoir of bright minds” by serving as a member of our K is for Kids® Advisory Council and donating your valuable time and skills supporting our cause.

We also appreciate your role as webmaster, although that title certainly does not due you justice. Indeed, our organization feels fortunate to have found someone with your formidable talents: As a website designer in tune with current trends who easily combines the technical skills and know-how of a computer programmer, your ability to apply creative vision is only topped by your business skills to deliver results quickly and efficiently. We appreciate how you took our content and graphics and made them better; how you adeptly reconstructed our website then steered us through a seamless transition to a “new” launch; how you met and then surpassed our goals; and most of all, how you succeeded in building KisforKids.org into a powerful communicator of our cause as well as an engaging community for others to visit.

In short time, Ross, you have filled a critical role in the advancement of our goals to promote children’s literacy and leadership by creating a website that reflects the spirit of our philanthropy and volunteerism while focusing on those we benefit. On behalf of the thousands of children who have been given more books to read and more opportunities to lead, we give you our deepest gratitude.

Very truly yours,

Karen D. Clawson
Founder & Executive Director
K is for Kids Foundation, Inc.