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December 19, 2012

Sue Rosengard Jewelry Design, Ltd. - Chicago, IL

Sue Rosengard is a jewelry designer who wanted an eCommerce site that she could sell to both retail and wholesale customers. This site was built on the osCommerce platform and contains numerous customizations and improvements including custom content management tools. I will try to post more in the web design blog about the modifications done to osCommerce for this implementation.

A fellow artist recommended Ross to me. After hearing horror stories from other people about disappearing webs designers, months of going back and forth, unfinished projects, I wanted to make sure I was making a wise choice. And I did. Ross has been amazing.

He started working on the project and within about 6 weeks we had this awesome site. I was a little nervous at first because the sites of his that I saw were not quite my look. But he understood my design aesthetic and created a site that not only complements but enhances my jewelry designs. One of the many things he suggested (and we did) was a Look Book (pictures of people wearing my jewelry). It was both fun to create and adds a personal dimension to the site.

From a functionality perspective, the site is super easy to navigate and I have already gotten positive responses from my customers (and a large order). I have a very limited amount of experience (almost nil) with creating or maintaining websites but after Ross showed me how to log in and where to go I was able to easily update some basic info and content. I am looking forward to having control over my site and feeling both comfortable and confident with its upkeep.

I highly recommend Ross. He was very easy and pleasant to work with. In addition he was 100% on time with deadlines. Most importantly though, he listened to what I said I wanted and didn’t want.

— Sue Rosengard

June 7, 2012

Liane Fried was referred to me from an existing client. She had been struggling for months with her web company to complete an e-commerce web site. She was generally happy with the initial design, but there were functionality requirements that had been lingering for weeks. Liane contacted me for advice after several weeks of unresponsiveness from her web designer. After reviewing the website source code I agreed to help her.

The website was developed using the osCommerce platform. osCommerce is an e-commerce package written in PHP. Since she was happy with the design and I had experience with osCommerce, I knew we would be able to complete the website requirements to her satisfaction.

The website specification required both wholesale and retail pricing structures. An analysis of the website revealed the developer had set up 2 separate stores and databases, one for wholesalers and one for retail. This was a less than ideal scenario. I pointed this out to Liane and explained how we could set it up to use the same store for wholesalers and retailers by creating separate pricing groups for logged in users. This way she would only have to maintain a single catalogue of products with retail and wholesale prices. Visitors could apply to become a wholesaler and Liane could approve them after reviewing their information.

There were numerous other customizations including custom email notifications, custom content management and display for the retail galleries section, automated image resizing, custom what’s new? module and much more. In the end Liane is happy I was able to complete her site and communicate clearly with her throughout the process.

Liane Fried Studio
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I began working with Ross after my previous web designer had “disappeared”. He worked very closely with me, taking over the mess of a site my previous designer had left. Ross accomplished more for me in two weeks than my previous designer had in six months. He guided me through the website building process with good direction, a lot of patience, and quick responses to questions. I am pleased with the great job he did; he is a true professional. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a webpage designer.

Liane Fried
Liane Fried Studio