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May 7, 2011

We now have a demo up featuring a video player developed by Ross Sabes.

Video Player

This player utilizes a full featured custom back-end video database management tool.

Web Video Player Admin

Each video title can support multiple files in a variety of formats (FLV, MP4, Ogg, WebM, etc…) and settings for maximum compatibility and performance across the widest possible array of devices. The player can be customized to detect the users bandwidth and play the most suitable Flash format available. If the visitor is using an iPad, iPhone or iPod the player is programmed to use the compatible MP4 format with both high and low bandwidth options if available.

Video Edit Screen

Videos can be assigned to multiple pages by the administrator.

Select Pages for the Video to Appear On

Select pages for the video to appear on.

Videos can also be tagged for search engines and other custom functionality.Tag videos for addtitional functionality

Visit the front-end here
For a demo of the back-end contact us.

This program was developed using:
and MooFlow

October 7, 2010

MediaBox is a very cool MooTools based JavaScript modal overlay. It has a bunch of bundled in features for displaying various types of media and galleries.

One issue that Google would not help me solve was embedded Flash not appearing in the media box in Safari. I could switch tabs then switch back and the Flash would magically appear. I assumed it was a display conflict Safari was having when everything fired at once with the loading of the MediaBox and the Flash embed. A more elegant solution may involve a listener object on the mediabox, but this seems to resolve it.

My solution was to simply delay the swfobject flash embed by half a second using setTimer();.

Here is the version that does not work in Safari (mac):

Here is the fix with the timer:

Direct link to box content containing hack/fix: