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May 7, 2011

We now have a demo up featuring a video player developed by Ross Sabes.

Video Player

This player utilizes a full featured custom back-end video database management tool.

Web Video Player Admin

Each video title can support multiple files in a variety of formats (FLV, MP4, Ogg, WebM, etc…) and settings for maximum compatibility and performance across the widest possible array of devices. The player can be customized to detect the users bandwidth and play the most suitable Flash format available. If the visitor is using an iPad, iPhone or iPod the player is programmed to use the compatible MP4 format with both high and low bandwidth options if available.

Video Edit Screen

Videos can be assigned to multiple pages by the administrator.

Select Pages for the Video to Appear On

Select pages for the video to appear on.

Videos can also be tagged for search engines and other custom functionality.Tag videos for addtitional functionality

Visit the front-end here
For a demo of the back-end contact us.

This program was developed using:
and MooFlow

October 7, 2010

MediaBox is a very cool MooTools based JavaScript modal overlay. It has a bunch of bundled in features for displaying various types of media and galleries.

One issue that Google would not help me solve was embedded Flash not appearing in the media box in Safari. I could switch tabs then switch back and the Flash would magically appear. I assumed it was a display conflict Safari was having when everything fired at once with the loading of the MediaBox and the Flash embed. A more elegant solution may involve a listener object on the mediabox, but this seems to resolve it.

My solution was to simply delay the swfobject flash embed by half a second using setTimer();.

Here is the version that does not work in Safari (mac):

Here is the fix with the timer:

Direct link to box content containing hack/fix:

April 12, 2010

I am looking forward to the launch of Adobe CS5. Although I have never been an early adopter of major software releases, preferring to read others feedback and take my time to understand the benefit of new features before shelling out hundreds of dollars, this release has my attention.

Adobe Flash CS5
I just got through watching a sneak peak of Flash CS5 at gotoAndLearn.com and it looks like Adobe is hitting the suite spot when it comes to what developers are looking for.

Text handling and fonts have always been a weak point when working in Flash. I am impressed with the features in CS5 that address text flow, better multi-lingual character support and the new font palette.

Flash has established itself as the most popular video streaming platform on the web today. Being able to scrub the video on the stage and add ActionScript cuepoints will be extremely useful timesavers.

Flash’s real power lies in it’s powerful ActionScript programming language that gives developers the freedom to shape the user experience without limits. Code snippets and a host of new features make it easier for programmers to control Flash using ActionScript. The XML-based source files are interesting too. From what I can tell at this early stage it looks like Flash is opening up their traditionally closed, complied SWF files for developers to be able to edit it’s properties and library items on the fly. Not only will this help with using version control, but also unlocks some interesting possibilities with custom content management systems.

The most hype about this release is centered around it’s wide distribution feature. In a nutshell, Adobe wants to allow a project created in Flash to be deployable across any platform (web, desktop, mobile, tablet). Ahead of this release Apple has announced it will not support applications developed using 3rd party (Adobe) software on the operating system running their widely popular iPhones, iTouches and iPads. This latest plot twist in the friction between Apple and Adobe definitely puts a crimp into this feature. However even without the Apple devices this feature will make it easier for developers to port their applications created in Flash to other popular mobile devices running Google’s Android, Windows and others.

I am much more excited about the release of Adobe’s CS5 than I was for the launch of the iPad. This one looks like it might actually be worthy of the hype.

September 26, 2009

Nature Song 2009

naturesong.net was redesigned in 2009 to address some issues with the shopping cart, integrate a reseller login so resellers can log in and purchase CDs at a discount and NET 30 payment terms and generally update the look and feel of the site.

The shopping cart and content management system is completely custom. I decided to create a custom system for this site because I had a clear vision of how it should work. The owner, Bill Leverick, wanted to be able to easily update the CDs available for sale. I knew there were off-the-shelf shopping carts and content management systems I could probably have used or customized. Because these products had an ‘audio sample’ component to them that we needed to attach and be able to associate audio files with multiple products, I decided to build it myself. The site integrates PayPal Website Payments Pro for it’s merchant service provider and the UPS API to get shipping information from UPS in real-time for orders with quantities above 2 CDs. The AJAX overlay for each product uses the jQuery framework to handle the JavaScript effects.

In retrospect I am happy with my decision to go completely custom with this site. It allowed me to develop exactly what the client was looking for without excess functionality that he didn’t want or need and might have confused the process. It also allowed me to address his fine-tuning requests quickly and not have to compromise because of an off-the-shelf software limitation.

Here is a quote from the owner:

I just logged on to check out the new NatureSong site that you activated today. I am very pleased not only with the graphics, but with the built in ability for me to make necessary changes to the products. You have done a great job and I would heartily recommend you to anyone. Please feel free to use this site and my other web site, Cape Cod & New England Gift Show as examples of your work.


Bill Leverick

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August 27, 2009

I realized yesterday my iPhone still is not capable of displaying Flash content. After Googling some articles on the subject I did not come up with anything more recent than February of this year when Bloomberg spoke with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. It sounds like Adobe is on the case, but what Jobs is thinking may be another story.

CEO Steve Jobs said last March that Flash runs too slowly for the iPhone, and a slimmed-down version, called Flash Lite, “isn’t capable enough to be used with the Web.”

The idea of an iPhone specific version of the FlashPlayer makes sense and I am hopeful Adobe will deliver a solution that is agreeable for users, developers, Adobe and Apple. As a developer I would even accept having to publish to a separate version of Flash content for iPhone users.

If Jobs’ primary concern is the speed of content delivery on the iPhone he should direct his focus focus on AT&T, not Adobe Flash Player.

August 26, 2009

Koast2Koast - D-Town Design

New Flash interface design for Koast2Koast / D-Town Records. Design was done in Photoshop then brought into Flash for animation and interactivity. This is a concept to be used on the artist CD. These guys are great to work with. Fun project!

Here is the clients response:

“Ross is an amazing talent, I first discovered his work when he was with 4What. Just looking at how he focuses on detail made me believe this was the web designer for me. Since then, I hired Ross to create a web design for one of my artist 3riple Threat. We were on a tight deadline trying to close a deal with Universal, and not only did Ross get right on the job, his work left everyone on my team speechless. His work displayed to Universal that our company is committed to working with only the best. I would recommend Ross work to anyone looking to enhance their companies image through viral marketing.”

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September 3, 2005

AD Design Concepts, LLC

I developed this flash website for my company in 2005.

Ad Design Concepts, originally Ad Media Concepts (founded in 1998), was a full service graphics, website design and programming company in Naples, Florida. Since then we have focused exclusively on web design.

September 3, 2005

Heaven Cigar Company Flash trade-show screen presentation.

Flash screen presentation designed in 2005 for Heaven Cigar Company, a cigar manufacturing and distribution company located in Naples, Florida.

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September 3, 2004

Dolphin Transportation

Full Flash website developed in 2004 for Dolphin Transportation, a transportation company located in Naples Florida.

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February 3, 2004

Harvest Pak Foods

Flash website developed in 2004 for Harvest Pak Foods, a food production and distribution firm located in Naples, Florida.

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