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August 9, 2014

WordPress announced security release 3.9.2 last Wednesday. If you are running WordPress you should log into your control panel and make sure you are running the latest version (3.9.2 at the time of this writing).

If you are a client of mine and running a WordPress site or blog, I have already updated your WordPress version to 3.9.2 as a courtesy. You may want to check anyway just to be sure as it is possible I could have overlooked your site in my list or simply send me an Email and I will confirm.

Interestingly this is the first time WordPress and Drupal have coordinated joint security releases. It is nice to see two top open source CMSs coordinating efforts.

This vulnerability also affects the following Drupal versions

  • Drupal core 7.x versions prior to 7.31.
  • Drupal core 6.x versions prior to 6.33.

Feel free to contact me if you need assistance updating a WordPress or Drupal installation.

Edit: This vulnerability only affects self-hosted WordPress websites using code downloaded from WordPress.org. Websites hosted at WordPress.com are not affected.



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