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September 7, 2009

Loading data from the server via AJAX is an efficient and increasingly popular way to present content from a user request. After starting out by writing my own AJAX functions I started using the prototype framework. I am currently using the jquery load function as jquery is a very powerful and easy to use framework that can handle the nuts and bolts of a variety of other javascript functions and effects.

Part of implementing an AJAX request is to have a message displayed while the request is being made to the server to let the user know exactly what is going on and give your application a more professional and responsive appearance. In the past I have found myself spending too much time hand creating an animated loading indicator that spins with just the right colors and size. Fortunately someone out there has had the same experience and chose to share their solution. Here is a very handy tool to use to automatically generate a professional AJAX loading indicator GIF animation. ajaxload.info lets you define the foreground and background color and generates a perfect, professional AJAX load indicator every time!

Load indicator generated at ajaxload.info



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