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November 27, 2015

Musicbox plugin allows you to create multiple playlist widgets in WordPress.

Playlist with song details including:

  • Song Name
  • Artist
  • 30 second preview from iTunes
  • Album or collection
  • Artwork
  • Link to iTunes
  • Create multiple playlist widgets in WordPress

You may also use a shortcode “musicbox” to display the musicbox inside a post with the following parameters:

  • musicbox_id * required value: the id of the musicbox to display
  • description optional value: whether to display description or not. “1” or “0”, default is “0”.
  • autoplay optional value: whether to autoplay list or not. “1” or “0”, default is “0”.
  • tracks_perpage optional value: how many tracks to show before paginating. Numeric value. Default is “10”.

[musicbox musicbox_id="1" description="1" autoplay="1" tracks_perpage="2"]

This plugin uses soundmanager2 and its’ 360 player UI.

Visit the plugin at WordPress.org for more information and to download.

Please use the Musicbox Plugin Page on wordpress.org for support requests or contact me directly for customization requests.